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Client Testimonials

Providing professional family office services and sustainable strategies highlights two of the best qualities we can give our clients – Integrity and Service. These words can become either a cliché or a mantra. We believe the latter. Serving you with integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

Here’s what people are saying…


Sue & Bob Boone

Baseball Mom & Baseball Player and Management (With Aranda since 1980)

We were there first, and we’re still with the Aranda Group. That should say how we feel. Our lives (and residences) have changed quite a bit over the years, but the Aranda Group has been with us all the way from the 1980 World Series in Philadelphia to the present.


Susan & Tod Hullin

Corporate Executives, Retired (With Aranda since 1989)

We have been clients of Aranda for three decades during which time professional opportunities relocated us to seven cities. We have greatly benefited from Aranda’s organization and management of our daily financial responsibilities with its multiple family office services and long-term strategies.


Tammy & Mike Jackson

Mother of Two & Baseball Player, Retired (With Aranda since 1986)

We have been with the Aranda Group since I was pitching in the minor leagues. It’s not just the financial work, but they have taken care of so many of the details as we have changed teams. In addition, they have always kept us focused on our financial future after baseball.


Ricki & Steve Fisher

Mother of Three & Corporate Executive (With Aranda since 1994)

The Aranda Group has performed for our family both in terms of maximizing our assets as well as minimizing the burden of detail management. We have peace of mind and more time to spend together doing the things that matter most


Kathy & Scott Palmer

Baseball Mom & TV Sportscaster (With Aranda since 1988)

I met Arthur and Steven when I was a TV Sportscaster and Arthur was representing athletes. What really interested us was what Aranda did for non-athletes.  It seemed like, and has been, a great fit. They were very helpful during my transition to the Phillies. Our life has been so much easier yet we are always in control.


Linda & Irwin Gross

Philanthropy & Venture Capitalist (With Aranda since 1995)

We are both very busy, and often in need of things done very quickly. The staff of the Aranda Group has always been very responsive and professional. They work hard for us and have helped us so much with our daily financial management as well as personal life.


Ozzie Virgil

Professional Baseball, Retired (With Aranda since 1983)

The Aranda Group has taken care of us from Professional Baseball to the present. We love living in Arizona and the miles between us has not been any hindrance. Any time of the day or night, they have ALWAYS been available for us.


Laurie & Phillip Guilden

Attorneys (With Aranda since 2000)

We have been with Aranda and Arthur and Steven since 2000. We have friends who have used the service for many years and they recommended The Aranda Group very highly. We came to the relationship with every confidence and they have fulfilled every expectation.


Joyce & Mike Speeney

Devoted Grandmother & Manufacturing Executive, Retired (With Aranda since 1990)

Aranda does everything they said they would do, and they do it very well. What really impresses us is if we have a question or problem, big or small, they either have the solution, or get it promptly. They have made our life so much less complicated.