Who We Serve - Professional Athletes

Four Key Areas of Focus

Starting in 1980, our founder Arthur Rosenberg was chosen by two professional baseball players, Bob Boone and Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies, to be their agent. The goal was to:

  • negotiate a good contract for the client,
  • build an enjoyable lifestyle, and
  • monitor expenses to provide a continuation of that lifestyle well into retirement.

At that time, and also today, many professional athletes lead a grand and often exorbitant lifestyle, but then have to curtail it dramatically when the paychecks stop.

Our goal is to assist our professional athletes with financial monitoring and control that will provide comfort and security both during their career and continue throughout retirement.

Many professional athletes followed as clients. After establishing the personal financial management framework for the athlete, it became obvious that people from many areas of employment and diverse lifestyles would benefit from that same expertise.

The Aranda Group approaches the financial success of our professional athlete clients using these four critical areas of financial health. Our guiding principal of “We are your staff” prevails:

1 - Earned Income

As a professional athlete, you are challenged with trying to understand the tax implications and management of the many complicated financial decisions you face. From our experience working with high-income athletes, executives, and others, the Aranda Group developed an efficient, consultative financial management process and work with your professional team tailoring specific money management, wealth management, and active tax management strategies to meet your personal financial monitoring needs.

2 - Expenses

Professional athletes struggle to track expenses throughout their busy lives and schedules. Many are unaccustomed to the management and expense tracking required to maintain and grow their wealth.

Without proper management, the careful balance needed between income and expenses to preserve healthy cash flow can quickly become lost.

Working as your private family office team, we pay your bills to assist you with tracking and understanding your expenses.

  • By tracking your personal expenses, we can accurately project your short-term income and your long-term personal money management needs.
  • Understanding changes in your expenses will allow us work with your personal wealth management team as needed to support the income required.

Our monthly report details your expenses while providing improved tax records. It saves your valuable time and energy to use elsewhere in your busy professional schedule.

3 - Unearned Income and Investment Performance

Our team monitors and prepares a monthly report of your selected wealth management strategy. We continually update and work with you professional investment team, if necessary, to ensure that your finances are working for you well into your retirement.

We understand that you will have a life after retirement, and the goal of our personal office management is to provide the financial security to allow you to enjoy your life after the game just as you choose.

4 - Protection and Security of your Assets

We understand that you may have your resources spread among real estate, traditional investments, and alternative investments. Our team will assist you and your team of professionals to conduct a complete estate analysis to build your comprehensive estate plan and wealth transfer strategy.

We understand that proper management and protection of both your physical and investment assets is required to attain and maintain comfort and security in the success of your estate.

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