You are the Executive and We are your Personal Financial Staff.

Executives’ lives are challenged by the intense demands on your time. Travel, meetings, projects, new business growth, managing existing business, and changing markets and economies – all demand your time and attention. You struggle to maintain a balance between your busy career and your personal life.

You find little opportunity to enjoy the life you currently live . . . let alone plan for your personal future.  Also, you likely have much of your retirement tied into your company and/or prior companies. Our private family office team helps rid you of these challenges and provide wealth management strategies to consolidate and manage your retirement.

Our support frees you to focus on what you love – having the free time to do as you choose and live the life you imagine.

The Aranda Group approaches the financial success of executives with the same four critical areas of financial health used for the personal financial management of our professional athlete clients.

Our guiding principal of “We are your staff” prevails:

1 - Earned Income

Executives with high earning potential are challenged with trying to understand the tax implications and management of the many complicated financial decisions you face. From our experience working with high-income athletes, executives, and others, the Aranda Group developed an efficient, consultative financial management process and work with your professional team tailoring specific money management, wealth management and active tax management strategies to meet your personal financial monitoring needs.

2 - Expenses

Executives struggle to track expenses throughout their busy lives, which can jeopardize the careful balance needed between income and expenses to preserve healthy cash flow.

Working as your private family office team, we pay your bills to assist you with tracking and understanding your expenses.

  • By tracking your personal expenses, we can accurately project your short-term income and your long-term personal money management needs.
  • Understanding changes in your expenses will allow us to work with your personal wealth management team as needed to support the income required.

Our monthly report details your expenses, while providing improved tax and business expense records. This report saves your valuable time and energy to use elsewhere in your busy life.

3 - Unearned Income and Investment Performance

Starting with our philosophy that people should invest in a manner consistent with their future needs and using your personal financial plan as our guide, our team monitors your selected wealth management strategy. We continually update and recommend adjustments to make sure your finances are working as hard as you are.

Our staff is your staff, providing you with the information and analysis to make improved decisions. We focus on:

  • efficient, active investment management and
  • active tax management strategies to maximize your net after-tax gains.
4 - Protection and Security of your Assets

We understand that you likely have a substantial amount of your “retirement equity” in concentrated stock positions in your company. We understand that you deal with executive transactions, equity-based compensation, company trading policies, and regulatory requirements that impact transactions in company stock. 

Our team will assist you and your professional team of advisors to conduct a complete estate analysis to build your comprehensive estate plan and wealth management strategy.

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