Business Owners

You Plan and Manage your Business – We Do the Rest

You are a business owner, and your business is your life, your livelihood, your investment, and possibly a large portion of your retirement equity.

You struggle to keep your free time free. The little free time you have can become consumed with everything else outside of your business.

Do you plan and manage the details of your business, yet are challenged to find time to do the same for your personal finances?

Would you love to rid yourself of these challenges to focus on what you love?

Our goal is to provide you the time to build the business you imagine while also allowing you to enjoy your free time, living the life you imagine.

The Aranda Group approaches the financial success of business owners with the same four critical areas of financial health used for the personal financial management of our professional athlete clients. Our focus in these areas, however, is applied to relate specifically to the needs of the business owner:

1 - Earned Income

As a business owner, you likely know your income well. You also likely have goals and projected targets for future income. 

  • Do you, however, have a five-year business plan AND a five-year personal financial plan?
  • Are they working together?

Many business owners struggle to build their businesses throughout their lives, while being unable to build their lives through their businesses. We can help.

We start by reviewing the current income developed by your business and incorporating your future business plan into your future personal finances and long-term financial needs. Our goal is to connect you to your life outside of your business, allowing you to live the life you worked to create.

2 - Expenses

Business owners struggle between fluctuations in income, investment in their business, investment in their retirement, and maintaining a careful balance between income and expenses to preserve healthy cash flow.

Working as your private family office team, we pay your bills to assist you with tracking and understanding your expenses.

  • By tracking your personal expenses, we can accurately project your short-term income and your long-term personal money management needs.
  • Understanding changes in your expenses will allow us to work with your personal wealth management team as needed to support the income required.

Our monthly report details your expenses, while providing improved tax and business expense records, and saves your valuable time and energy to use elsewhere in your busy life.

3 - Unearned Income and Investment Performance

Our team monitors and prepares a monthly report of your selected wealth management strategy. We continually update and work with your professional investment team, if necessary, to ensure that your finances are working for you well into your retirement.

We understand that you deserve to live a life while you are working hard to build your future. The goal of our personal office management is to provide the financial security to allow you to enjoy your life just as you choose

4 - Protection and Security of your Assets

We understand that you likely have a substantial amount of your “retirement equity” built into your business. Our team will assist you and your professional team of advisors to conduct a complete estate analysis including development of a business succession plan. That succession plan will become a component of your comprehensive estate plan and wealth transfer strategy.

We help educate and assist you to maintain the delicate balance between business equity and investment equity. We monitor your selected wealth management strategy and work with your investment team to assess your risk level to help ensure that your investment equity isn’t eroded, leaving your business equity challenged to support you in your retirement.

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