The Aranda Advantage

Four Key Areas of Focus

Your financial life constantly evolves due to changing personal situations, economic and market fluctuations, and revisions to government, regulatory, and tax laws. 

 No one wants to live their life with just enough money to cover basic expenses.

 Staying Ahead

To keep your financial goals on track, the Aranda Group continually monitors your financial health in four key areas.

1 - Earned Income

Sources of income determine, in part, the types of services we perform for you.  For example, we assist in negotiating contracts for those who may be contractually employed.  We also have the capability to advise on employee benefits.

2 - Expenses

For many critical reasons, a major piece of our multiple family office services includes paying your bills.

  • To precisely track your expenses and accurately project your long-term, personal financial needs.
  • Understanding changes in your expenses will allow us to recommend adjustments to your cash flow requirements and allow coordination of your investment strategy with your investment team.
  • This information is also useful as the most valid basis for recommending potential time-saving and cost-cutting opportunities while limiting impact to your lifestyle.
  • A few minutes of your time reading our brief summary replaces many hours of tedious bookkeeping and record keeping.

We provide you with a monthly report that details your expenses and enables the Aranda Group to help keep your future finances on target while providing improved tax records for you.

3 - Unearned Income and Investment Performance

Our group prepares a monthly investment report on all of our client’s wealth management strategies, whether managed by you or your investment team.

Based on your expenses we assist our clients in projecting the amount of money needed to keep your future finances on track. We work with your professional investment team to match your investments to your expenses over the course of your financial life.  We project the amount of money you will need, factoring in the impact of inflation, providing the information needed to assist you and your investment team in developing an appropriate strategy to support your future financial needs and protect your assets.

4 - Protection and Security of your Assets

To ensure that the protection of your assets remains accurate and up-to-date, we work with your professional team of accountants and attorneys to conduct a complete analysis of your estate and assist in the development of your estate plan, applying proven strategies to protect your family’s wealth and assets.  We also coordinate with your insurance professionals to strengthen and improve your coverage and protection.

Your present and future needs are always evaluated. Our goal is to attain complete asset protection.

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