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Day to Day Management

Gain Simplified Finances, Sustainable Prosperity, and the Free Time to Enjoy It

As your trusted financial concierge, we partner with you to understand, simplify, and coordinate your complete personal financial life, adding security and clarity in the reporting we provide.  We achieve this by monitoring four distinct areas of your finances:


  1. Earned Income – Sources of income determine the types of services we perform for you. We also assist in negotiating contracts for those contractually employed.
  2. Expenses – For many critical reasons, we assume the duty of paying your bills. This enables us to precisely track your expenses and accurately project your requirements for the long term. Our monthly reporting replaces many hours of tedious bookkeeping and record keeping.
  3. Unearned Income and Investment Performance – Based on your expenses we assist our clients in projecting the amount of money needed to keep your future finances on track. We work with your professional investment team to match your investments to your expenses over the course of your financial life.
  4. Protection and Security of Your Assets – To ensure that the protection of your physical assets remains accurate and up-to-date, we coordinate with your insurance professionals to strengthen and improve your coverage and protection.
Family Office Services: Monitoring, Administration, and Consolidated Reporting

Your earnings, needs, and expenses are constantly changing, which affects your financial status and future. As your private family office team, the Aranda Group views your fiscal life as a “moving picture” rather than an annual snapshot.

The services provided below are designed to provide a comprehensive view of the “moving picture” of your financial life:

Some of the services include:

  • Monitor and track income and assets,
  • Administer your bookkeeping – disburse and track expenses,
  • Track cash flow and monitor your financial health,
  • Prepare, review, and monitor expense projections monthly,
  • Analyze expenses to determine cost efficiency and help improve your bottom line,
  • Consolidated wealth management reporting – one report, including all of your assets,
  • Work with your insurance professional to ascertain your total insurance needs and obtain the best possible coverage at the lowest cost,
  • Review and process medical reimbursements,
  • Assist with any and all aspects of your personal life, including logistics for travel and purchase of private property (auto, home, boat, plane, etc.),
  • Assist with identity theft and recovery.
  • Assist with after-life estate work
Safeguarding Our Families in the Age of Cyber Fraud
With the many stories and headlines of financial insecurity and identity theft, our team understands the need to expand our service from simple fraud prevention to include fraud detection and resolution.

Working as your private family office team, we monitor your daily financial transactions and your credit reports, allowing us to identify and alert you to potential fraud and work to remove and resolve fraud. Processes and technology infrastructure are constructed to securely monitor and document your confidential financial information.

Be aware:  The current climate of stolen/hacked information and identity theft demands our ongoing investment in technology and processes to provide our clients with the comfort and security of state-of-the-art family office services.

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