Family Financial Monitoring & Management Strategies

Comprehensive, Holistic, and Sustainable Planning Measured in Years, Decades, and Generations

You are challenged by your wealth…

Likely, you have many demands coming from travel and the busy schedule of your professional career.  The little time remaining in your schedule to properly understand, manage, and monitor your growing wealth can make these demands that much more challenging.

Solid financial strategies begin with comprehensive, holistic, and sustainable planning designed and monitored to meet the financial needs and goals of you, your legacy, and your posterity, with your success being measured through the years, the generations, and the philanthropy created to support your vision and unite your family in the mission of future sustainable management.

The Aranda Group understands that our families are challenged with complex estate planning, financial management, and philanthropic decisions.

Our team calls on our multiple family office experience and perspective working with wealthy individuals, families, and foundations to assist you with your specific needs, challenges, and opportunities to create a positive impact within your family and beyond.

Innovation of plan and education of impacts
Our experience as a multi-generational family office gives us perspective. Long-term financial success in ever-changing economic, market, regulatory, and tax conditions requires continual innovation in financial monitoring and planning.

You and your family benefit from this process of innovation through the identification and education of potential impacts on you, your family, and your financial health. As the operating conditions of your life change, we work with you and your professional team to educate and guide you through the impacts and recommend adjustments to your financial structure, as necessary.

The continual innovation of your financial structure and the education, coaching, and mentorship of succeeding generations is critical.  This innovation allows you and your family to carefully steward your wealth safely through the generations.

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