Friday 6/12/98- Scotland- Landfall

The picture may not win any prize in a National Geographic Contest, but it sure is pretty to us.   This was our first view of Scotland.

We landed at Wick, Scotland after a 4 hour 10 minute flight from Reykjavik, Iceland.  We looked forward to a clear view of the ocean, but for the most part we were above a cloud layer.  We planned on leaving Saturday for Norway (which we eliminated since the air traffic controllers did go on strike).  We changed our plans to stop in Denmark or Sweden, but -- as happens -- our plans were changed again.

The new JPI engine analyzer that was installed in the aircraft malfunctioned on the trip to Scotland.  No really big deal, but it's nice to have.  I called JPI in California Friday afternoon, and the are sending another one to Wick by Fed Ex.  It should arrive Monday or Tuesday and I will swap it with the one that is in the plane.  Maybe it's a little blessing in disguise.  We are both pretty tired and will use the weekend to rest. 

We were welcomed at Wick by Andrew & Moira Bruce of Far North Aviation.  They can't do enough for us.  Andrew had us taxi right into his hanger, and had a reservation for us at the lovely Portland Arms Hotel, about 12 miles south in Lybster.  Since we will stay a few days, we rented a car (back to driving on the left).  Andrew changed the oil (I helped). Moira runs the Far North Aviation office.

At the airport, we met Christoph Kastner and Knud Rasmussen.  We drove them to the hotel.  In the morning, they gave us a lot of information to help us on our trip. 

Saturday morning we'll drive back to the airport and leave our survival gear (life raft, immersion suits, Sharon's Icelandic sweater, etc.) with Andrew to make room for the Schramms who we will meet in Helsinki on Wednesday.  THEN IT'S OFF TO LOCH NESS (2 hour drive) TO SEE THE MONSTER.  (We will post the picture of Nessie as soon as we see him (or her).

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