Thursday 6/11/98 -  Reykjavik, Iceland

The first day of no flying.  We relaxed (kinda) for the day.  Iceland is a very interesting country.  It has plenty of pretty girls (top), stores selling the famous Iceland Wool (middle), and the famous "Blue Lagoon."

Yes, it really exists.  Iceland is powered by thermal water which rises from the drilling for such purpose.  Water is received by a very large pumping and generating station.  As the temperature of the water is used to heat natural spring water for the use by the city, it is finally released into a "lagoon." 

The Surgeon General of Iceland has certified that the waters of the "Blue Lagoon" have great health and healing powers.   Therefore, what else??  We decided to get healed.  There we are, in the bottom picture, looking healthier than ever.

Tomorrow is the big day (weather permitting).  We leave Reykjavik for Wick, Scotland.  The trip should take about 4 1/2 hours.   Originally we planned to stop at the Faroe Islands, but with favorable winds, we can safely make it all the way, with plenty of fuel in reserve.  We should arrive around 5 PM, Scotland time.  We lose another hour and will be 5 hours later than EDT.

It appears that there may be a strike of Air Traffic Controllers in Norway. Therefore, our trip from Wick to Bergen, Norway may have to be changed.  We are considering Sweden or Denmark. 

It's around 1:30 AM Iceland time.  We are going to sleep.  It looks like the sun may set soon (but probably not).

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