Wednesday 7/29- Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada to Wabush, Newfoundland to Mont Joli, Quebec

Another long day.  I guess we just began to realize the distance to be flown once leaving Scotland.  On the way over, as we flew up through Canada, and even across the North Atlantic, I was pretty well juiced up for the trip.   I didn't sleep a lot and every day was filled with new experiences and new things to learn.  On the way home, it's a LONG trip.  The flights through Europe and Africa were usually 1 or 2, and even sometimes 3 or more hours, and then two days or so in a city.

This time it's been about 4 to 6 hours flying a day, every day.  Once we reached Iqaluit, Canada, there was some feeling that the trip was over.   The reality is that the distance from Iqaluit to Philadelphia is only about 200 miles shorter than the trip from Scotland to Canada.  Needless to say, we're tired.

Today we got up and went "shopping".  We wanted to pick up some Smoked Arctic Char, which we did in the "fish store" (top pix).  We took off from Iqaluit, which on April 1, 1999 will become the Capital of the new Territory in Canada, Nunavut.  It was the last look at the place that was our "jumping off spot" and our "successful arrival spot" (2nd pix).   If you see little white things in the water, they ain't sailboats.  They are just chunks of ice, remaining from the winter.  They say here that they usually melt by August.

Again, it was another long day of flying.  We flew for 4 hours 48 minutes from Iqaluit to Wabush, Newfoundland.  On the way we saw some pretty spectacular storms (3rd pix).  However they were widely scattered, easy to navigate, and there was no turbulence.  In Wabush it was raining somewhat, but we refueled, filed another flight plan, and took off for Mont Joli.  We wanted to make this extra flight so that tomorrow our flight "legs" wouldn't be too long.  I called for a hotel or motel in Mont Joli and found that the "top" three were fully booked, but we did find a motel near the airport, which although not luxurious, was clean.   It's interesting that after so many beautiful places we stayed, our last night was at the Mont Joli Airport Motel (bottom pix).

Tomorrow we plan on taking off in the morning for a flight of about 2 3/4 hours from Mont Joli, Quebec to Manchester, New Hampshire, where we will clear U.S. Customs.  I'm curious.  In the 19 countries we visited, no one looked at a bag and very few even looked at a passport.  We'll see.....

After Customs we will fly to Nashua, New Hampshire, about 10 minutes, to return the survival gear we rented from Ed Carlson.  Then we'll make the approximately 1 hour and 45 minute flight to North Philadelphia Airport.  ------   See ya tomorrow!  

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