Tuesday 7/28- Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland to Iqaluit, Canada

We took off about 11:00 from Greenland and landed about 3 hours 20 minutes later in Canada.  That's the end of our over-water flying, but we ain't home yet.   We still have about 1,800 miles to go.  Landing here felt like coming home.   You see us landing on runway 18 (top pix).  The town of Iqaluit is to the far left of the airport.  There was quite a bit of construction going on since Iqaluit is the capital of the new "territory" or "province" in Canada starting next year.  The name of the new territory is Nunavut.  However "downtown" didn't seem to change much (2nd pix).  What they need is a good old zoning board from around where I live to really mess it up.

In the center of town, at the local pub, it was happy hour (3rd pix).  Our continuing study of offensive dress met its match here.  The temperature was about 40, but half of the people were walking around in shorts.  They think it's summer (4th pix), but I guess to them it is.

Today we flew a little over 3 hours, but instead of going on, we decided to rest here today.  Our total trip will be about 100 hours, but almost half of those (about 23 hours each way) are from Philadelphia to Iqaluit, Canada.   Weather permitting we would like to fly home in the next two days.  Tomorrow we will fly about 6 hours and stay over somewhere in Canada.  Thursday we plan on stopping for Customs in Manchester, New Hampshire.  From there it is only a five minute flight to Nashua, New Hampshire to return our survival gear (life raft, 2 immersion suits, and 2 portable ELT's (Emergency Locator Transmitters).  Fortunately (so far) we've needed none of these.

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