Saturday 7/25- Edinburgh to Wick, Scotland

Today we flew the short hour from Edinburgh to Wick, where our survival gear has been stored.  Just leaving Edinburgh we flew over the Firth of Forth (top pix).  Then we approached Wick (2nd pix) which is a nice little town near the north of Scotland.

The airport (3rd pix) is located just outside of town.   Andrew and Moira welcomed us back to Far North Aviation at Wick, and Andrew (with my help) changed the oil and filters.  We retrieved our stored gear and packed the plane for the beginning of the crossing tomorrow. 

There were a couple of weddings at the "big" hotels in the area so Andrew made a reservation for us at the Pentland Hotel (4th pix) in Thurso, which is about a half hour drive from the Wick airport.  We had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant and walked through town.  As you can see (bottom pix), Thurso is not a really big hotbed of activity on Saturday night.

We filed a flight plan for Vagar in the Faroe Islands which is about 300 miles west.  Our alternate is Reykjavik, Iceland, which is another 500 miles west of Vagar.  We will climb to 12,000 feet and see what the winds are.   Then we can either proceed to our destination (Vagar), refuel and go on to Iceland, or fly directly to Reykjavik.

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