Friday 7/24- Edinburgh

We took it easy again today.   This is the last place we will spend more than one night until we get home.   We walked around the many streets of old Edinburgh (Victoria Street - top pix).   On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Jenners Department Store.   Apparently that is the place for quality Tartan and Sharon is there modeling her new kilt skirt (2nd pix).   (I also bought a cap.)

Tomorrow we take off for the 1 1/4 hour flight from Edinburgh to Wick, Scotland, which is due North.  Now we starting thinking more about the weather.  I know it sounds like the trip is almost over, but crossing the Atlantic takes care and planning.  Flying around Europe, although complicated with telephone arrangements etc., is still very much like flying around the U.S., from state to state.  The trips are not long and in the event of a change in the weather there are a lot of alternatives.  If Berlin were to be fogged in, there is always Frankfort and probably 25 other airports within easy range.  If Marrakech were to close in, there is always Fez, Tangier, Casablanca, or dozens of other airports on the southern coast of Spain and Portugal.

This is different.  The nearest alternative airport may be 3 hours away.  We'll check the weather carefully, as we did on the way over, and make sure we have all of our equipment in its proper place.  With the winds generally coming from the west, we would expect head winds.  We take this crossing seriously, as anyone must.

On the way over, we could not communicate with the internet and therefore did not upload pages from Wick, Scotland.  I picked up some connectors which should work.  If they don't, we would not be able to update the web site until Iceland. 

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