Thursday 7/23- Edinburgh, Scotland

Today we took it easy.  We got up later and went for a walk around Edinburgh.  It's a beautiful city and wherever you are you can look up and see Edinburgh Castle (top pix).

Don't look up too much.  Remember in Scotland they drive on the left.  As in England, many of the crosswalks have a reminder as to which way the traffic is coming from (2nd pix).  I remember about 17 years ago, walking in London with my son Andy, he saved my life more than once keeping me from walking in the street looking the wrong way.  However, having been trained recently in Marrakech where in the market area there are neither streets or driving rules, we were better prepared.

In the spring we got help in a food store in Italy, buying olive oil, from another patron.  Flavia translated for us and guided us to buy the best oil.  Although she is Italian, she lives in Edinburgh and we kept in touch over the past months.  We had the real pleasure of having dinner with Flavia and Laurence tonight at "The Witchery by the  Castle" (bottom pix).   It was really fun to be with her again, and to meet Laurence.  They volunteered, and we readily accepted, to drive us to the airport Saturday morning.

We plan on an easy day tomorrow (Friday) and then take off for Wick, Scotland on Saturday to pick up the equipment we left there, to change the oil, and to head west.

Thanks for your email.  We love it. 

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