Friday 7/17- Toulouse, France to Reims, France

We took off from Toulouse about 12:30 PM for the flight to Reims (pronounced rans, but don't ask me why).  It was in the mid 70's but very humid when we left.  It was a good flight at 9,000 feet and very satisfying.  That's because we weren't the only ones asking ATC (Air Traffic Control) to repeat what they were saying, and asking them to spell assigned fixes phonetically.  It was also being done by Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Air, and even Air France.

The flight took about 2 1/2 hours and about 5 minutes south of Reims we flew over the airport in Epernay (top pix).  We drove out to that airport when we were here before, but since they do not have an instrument approach, and we weren't sure of the condition of the grass field, we decided to land in Reims.  As you can see however, the field at Epernay is really beautiful (if these kind of grass fields please your esthetics).

There are two airports in Reims and as part of our morning ritual a few days ago, of calling airports, we were told that the main airport, although having full instrument approach capabilities, did not have Avgas.  They only had jet fuel.  They recommended, and it worked out great, that we land at a smaller airport in Reims named Prunay.  As you can see as we turn final (2nd pix) the field is shorter for landing then it is for take-off.

Then what a surprise.  We had planned on meeting Dominique and Gerald tomorrow, Saturday.  But standing there as we parked was Dominique.  It was really great to see her (3rd pix).  She had driven about an hour from her home in Soissons to the airport, where she waited about 1 1/2 hours for us.   Dominique is really somebody special. 

We loaded up our stuff in Dominique's car and she drove us to the Hertz office near the train station in Reims (4th pix).  We said our good-byes. We plan on meeting Dominique and Gerald tomorrow morning, and weather permitting, to fly them to Lille (pronounced Leel) to have lunch with their daughter Carolyn and Carolyn's husband Thierry.

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