Thursday - 7/16- Toulouse, France

Today Cyril Vachon picked us up at the Sofitel Hotel which is right next to the Toulouse Airport.  Yes, it's an airport hotel--   nice, plain, but efficient.  Cyril took us to the center of Toulouse (top pix).  It's a high tech town being the headquarters for the French space projects as well as the principal location of Airbus.

In the evening Cyril drove us about 1 1/2 hours to the town of Meilhan sur Garonne to the Tetro Restaurant.  We don't know how many stars it has, but it has got to be a bunch.  There we met Xavier Rochelle, with whom we had dinner last year (2nd pix). 

Xavier will be coming to the U.S. and staying in Philadelphia for a few days.  He will be 26 years old on July 25th and is single (bottom pix).   Any girls interested????

Tomorrow, Friday, we leave for Reims, France.  We plan on meeting Dominique and Gerald Berthier who live in Soissons which is about an hour away.   We will be staying at the Royal Champagne in Champillon, outside of Epernay.   It will be really comfortable for us.  That is where we stayed when we attended the Berthiers' daughter's wedding last year.

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