Wednesday- 7/15- Lisbon, Portugal to Toulouse, France

We got up this morning (Bill & Judy Schramm left earlier in the morning) and headed for the airport to fly to France. 

(Aviation Stuff)- I filed a flight plan, and although all of the other service was great, when I checked after 1/2 hour I was told the flight plan route was rejected.  When I read the rejection it said such things as "can't fly from last fix to final airport", etc.  I asked, "what should I do"?   They said, "go VFR".  I was not going to do that and asked them to call Brussels to find out what route they would like me to take.  After another delay Brussels sent back a routing that was just about what I had asked for.  They raised the altitude from 9,000 feet to 11,000 feet.  That's what I took.

We took off, battled the heat, climbed (slowly) to 11,000 feet and flew the 4 hours to Toulouse, France.  The take-off was just by the World's Fair (top pix) and like when over northern Spain, we flew over the Pyrenees (2nd pix).

We landed at the main Toulouse Airport (3rd pix) and were parked in a space similar to the one we had in Prague.  We have our own taxiway and parking area (4th pix).   We stayed at a hotel right near the airport and Cyril Vachon picked us up for dinner (5th pix).  We went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant on a boat on the Garonne.  Actually, Cyril, with his goatee, looks a little like Don Juan (bottom pix). 

Tomorrow, although we have never been here, and Cyril lives here, we will show him Toulouse.  Then we plan on having dinner with Cyril and Xavier.

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