Tuesday 7/14- Lisbon, Portugal

Today, for our one full day in Lisbon, and our last day together on this trip with Bill & Judy, we went to the Worlds Fair- Expo '98 (top 2 pix).  Keeping in mind that we didn't see anything much of Lisbon, our impression is that it is a BIG city that is very cosmopolitan.  The problem in making this judgement is that we have seen so many different places, and having just come from the most different of them all, Morocco, Lisbon didn't look much different than many other big cities.  I'm sure it has its historic parts, but all we saw was the Fair.

If you have been to a World's Fair, you've probably seen this one.  One isn't much different from another.  Many countries have exhibits, there are a few long lines at the exhibits with all the multimedia stuff (the Virtual Reality Exhibit had a line that had to be hundreds of people long), and a lot of average food (except Hagan Daz- which was exceptional and very welcome).  It was fun though.  We actually planned on getting there in the late morning and staying through the evening, however we left about 5:30 PM.  Enough was enough.

Sharon & I had a wonderful time with Bill & Judy.   They are great company and wonderful traveling companions.  They are leaving tomorrow morning (not by boat as in 3rd pix), but by British Air.  We know it will be a difficult transition for them, having flown 1st class all this time, to fly with the tourists on BA.

The four of us visited 12 countries together.   (Sharon & I, having made the "crossing" are up to 17.)  We were in Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and Portugal.  We will certainly miss them and remember with great warmth the time we spent together.

Tomorrow Sharon and I leave Lisbon for Toulouse, France.   We will stay two nights and spend Thursday with Cyril Vachon.  Unfortunately, Florence has to work in Dijon and will not be able to join us.  The trip to Toulouse should take about 3 hours 45 minutes, depending upon the winds.

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