Tuesday 6/9/98 Iqaluit Canada to Sonde Stromfjord Greenland

Last night we had caribou and Arctic char for dinner; this morning, smoked Arctic char for breakfast.  (Looks like lox and tastes even better.)  We then took off and flew to Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland.  It took about 2 hrs 50 minutes and was our first hop across the North Atlantic.  It was kinda disappointing.  We were either in the clouds or above them for most of the trip.  Never saw the ocean let alone an iceberg. We lost two hours changing time zones, so we didn't get in until later afternoon. 

The first time we saw the ground after taking off from Iqaluit is pictured above.  I wish it was a clearer day.  We flew about 80 miles up a fjord and finally broke out about 3 miles from the runway. It was breathtaking.

We checked in at the Kangerlussuaq Hotel pictured at right.   It is a converted 1941 army barracks.  We wanted to ride into town to take a look but were told that this was the town.  The hotel is at the airport and the airport is the town.  There are commercial flights in but they appeared to be filled with hikers.  The population of the town is 350 (352 today).

Our handling agent, Carl (right) took good care of us.   There is no customs, just pay for fuel, handling, landing, taking off, etc.   Fuel was $7.00 per gallon including tax; the other charges came to about $100. My credit card was accepted. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we leave for Reykjavik, Iceland.   It should take about 4 hrs 45 minutes.  We plan on stopping about half way, in Kulusuk, Greenland, but it might be fogged in.  We will check in the morning. However we have plenty of fuel to make it all the way to Reykjavik. 

Now we'll try and go to sleep with the sun shining brightly.  Although Iqaluit had "dusk", Sonde Stromfjord only has sun, 24 hours a day this time of year.  This is our first view of the "midnight sun."

By the way, thanks for all your email.  I'm glad you are enjoying following "The Trip."

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