Saturday 7/11- Marrakech, Morocco

A day in the streets.  We actually sat around the pool, but since the temperature was about 105 F, it was even hot for that.  In the afternoon we hired a carriage (top pix), declined a separate guide, (you do a lot of "declining of guides" around here) and went around town. 

The streets are a mix of carriages, cars, bikes, and scooters (2nd pix).  These are not really shops for tourists.  It is the way of commerce in Marrakech.  The stores sell a variety of goods, each one specializing in particular types of items, e.g., the Star Store (3rd pix).

We ended up in the center square, same as yesterday.   Yesterday it was difficult to capture the "throngs".  Today, while stopping in a spice store, I took the 4th pix.  Sharon and Judy also did some buying there (5th pix).

Our continuing research hit a brick wall in Africa.   We kinda covered Europe but Morocco presents a different problem.  The women do not wear short skirts.  This I feel is much more appropriate.  At dinner last night I was able to capture the picture of a women who was much more appropriately dressed (6th pix).  Please notice the much more proper and acceptable dress.


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