Tuesday- 7/7- Pisa, Italy

Today we spent the day with The Fishers (top pix).  They are vacationing near Pisa for the month of July.   Steve, Ricki, Eli, Rebecca and Zach had their picture taken in front of the leaning thing.  Yes, they are standing straight and  yes, the leaning tower really leans.  It is not open for visitors as it was for many years, but apparently it is leaning too much so they closed it about 10 years ago. 

We spent most of the day at the beach at Forte dei Marmi, where the Fishers are living while in Italy.  It is a perfectly charming town, with quite a few up-scale shops.  Zach, Rebecca and Eli really love the beach (2nd pix).

Although we were only in Italy for one full day, we were able to take THE leg picture of Italy (3rd pix).  "No, it was not posed!!"

We have had quite a few female complaints about the lack of balance in our research, there being no "beefcake" pictures.  At one of the "muscle beaches" along the Med, in Italy, we were able to get one of the inhabitants to pose (bottom pix) for only a small fee.

Tomorrow is a long day of flying.  We will start early, leaving the hotel about 7:30 AM and, hopefully, taking off by 9:00 or 9:30 AM.   It is about a three hour flight from Pisa to Perpignan, France.  We will fly directly to Nice and then along the French Riviera to Perpignan, which is just before Spain.  After a refueling stop, we will fly southwest across the Pyrenees mountains, over Barcelona to Granada.  Granada is located near the southern coast of Spain and will be our jumping off point on Friday on our flight to Marrakech, Morocco.   It's getting warmer, obviously, as we go further south.  Our wardrobe is changing, and turning my underwear and socks inside out each morning just ain't gonna work.  I'll have to start the second pair.

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