Sunday 7/5- Budapest

This morning I finally got someone on the phone in Pisa, Italy who spoke English.  He said that there was customs in Pisa and that there was "no problem".  Off we go tomorrow to Pisa to visit Steve & Ricki Fisher.

Today we walked around a bit.  Do you think someone was telling Sharon something (top pix)?  The Hilton Hotel was built about 20 years ago, during the Communist regime.  It was built around and in ancient ruins (2nd pix).  The interior of the hotel itself is very modern.

Yesterday as we walked past the church next to the hotel, we saw that a wedding was just over (3rd pix).  Today in my wandering around Pest I had the pleasure of meeting Merrill & Larry Kotok from New York (4th pix).  Larry, as it turned out, was the Rabbi that performed the wedding ceremony!!   They asked if I would also email their picture to their children, David & Rachael,  who are away at camp.  I am doing just that. 

I also met Bob & Molly Laks from that great baseball city, Cleveland (bottom pix).  Bob wouldn't let me take his picture until he put on his Cleveland Indians sweatshirt.  This year we hope they "win it all".

If any of the friends or relatives of Larry & Merrill Kotok or Bob & Molly Laks see this page, please email us at

Tomorrow morning---  "Good morning ladies and gentlemen.  This morning we will be flying from Budapest, Hungary to Pisa, Italy.   The trip will take approximately 3 hours 10 minutes and we will be flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet.  Our flight today will take us southwest from Budapest over Siofok, Hungary; Zagreb, Croatia; Ljubljana, Slovenia;  then Venice, Bologna, and finally Florence, Italy, prior to our descent into Pisa.  The latter portion of our flight should have quite spectacular views, weather permitting, as we fly over the Italian Alps.  Please remember, it is required that all passengers lean slightly to the right, upon landing in Pisa.  Thank you for flying with us.  Have a good flight."

Tonight- We went out to dinner and then stopped in the "Casino".  There is one in the Hilton.  Very interesting.  They do not accept or change Hungarian currency.  They accept American dollars though.   You get chips and they play in German Marks.  You may cash in to dollars only the amount of chips you got FROM dollars.  The rest you get in German Marks.   There are no craps tables.  There was one player at one blackjack table and three players at the one roulette table.  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAD A SENSE OF HUMOR.   (I broke even after 15 minutes and left.)


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