Thursday 7/2- Krakow, Poland to Budapest, Hungary

We've had no worries at all about airport security.  Although Krakow is not a large airport, they do get commercial flights.  Therefore, the Army was present.  We had a great parking place at Krakow (top pix), and the security was so good that there were seals on the cabin door as well as on the front and rear baggage doors (2nd pix).   (They are not scraped off yet.  I'll wait until we get someplace really hot!)

Unlike Prague, the clearance, taxi and takeoff instructions were very clear.  Unlike the US, you DO NOT start your engines until given permission.  Therefore, your first call is to ask permission and alert them as to your destination.  The method for giving you a clearance is also different.  When you file an IFR flight plan, you wait until Brussels, Belgium wires back approval of your route and altitude.  Although this takes time, it does make it a little easier to program navigation equipment prior to start-up.  Your clearance read to you by ground control is almost always what you received back from Brussels.  The flight took 1 hour 28 minutes flying from Poland, over Slovakia, to Hungary.

It was raining all day in Budapest, but stopped about 10 minutes before our landing (3rd pix).  It has stayed dry the rest of the day.  The service at the Ferihegy (pronounced Ferry Hedge) Airport in Budapest was excellent.   After we cleared the runway (2 parallel runways- one 10M feet, the other 12M feet---  they get a lot of international commercial flights) we were met by a "Follow Me" van. We followed them to a great parking spot, again (4th pix).   The service was efficient, courteous, in excellent humor, and expensive.  The fuel cost was about $4 per gallon.  We don't have the bill for the parking, landing, handling, MET service, flight plan service, etc., etc., etc.  I thought I would check with the flight planning department.  I wanted to just check the route that we had planned from Budapest to Pisa, Italy, with a stop for customs at Trieste, Italy.  I had planned out a route that took a bend north to avoid Croatia.  I was told to plan to fly right over Croatia.  "They won't shoot you down."  Sounds OK with me.

We took a cab and all checked in at the Budapest Hilton.

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