Monday 6/29- Prague

Last day and evening in Prague.   A few have asked by email how much time is spent, in the days we don't fly, doing homework.  Well, today is a good example.  This morning I called Krakow, Poland, where we go to tomorrow morning, and Budapest, Hungary to check again that we wouldn't need permission to land and that they had fuel.  They both have fuel.  However, Krakow will only accept cash, Polish or US.  Budapest said they would accept any credit card.  (I've heard that before.)

Fortunately I got someone on the phone each time that spoke English and knew the answers.  I then called Marrakech, Morocco Airport for similar information.  I called the flying school that David Beechcroft-Kay recommended.   As David said, try and get an instructor on the phone since they speak English.   Unfortunately, that wasn't possible.  I had three other numbers for Marrakech.   None spoke English but I was able to get another number from one of them.  I called and was told that I should not call that number but they gave me another number.   On and on, but finally I was told that it was OK to fly to Marrakech.  They said that prior permission was not required (although the "book" says that it is).  I was also told that they have fuel.  I could not understand the answer when I asked if they took credit cards or US dollars.  We'll see.

There went about 2 1/2 hours.  Next I called the hotel we selected in Marrakech.  That went very well and was told that all I have to do is send a fax.  I did and although the fax was addressed correctly, it didn't go through.  Since the country code for Morocco is 212, the same as New York's area code, they accidentally sent it to New York and, of course, got no answer.  We got this information late in the day, so we sent the fax again but haven't gotten a response yet. 

They we went out around the town.  There is always a lot of stuff going on in and around one of the main squares (3 pix at right).  We were back tonight about 11:00 PM and it was just as crowded then.  Tomorrow we will leave in the morning (after checking the email) for Krakow, Poland.  Again, we hope there is Internet access there.  Until then----- 

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