Sunday 6/28- Prague

Sunday brought absolutely perfect weather to Prague.  First we went to the local Police Station to report the theft of the Schramm's Camcorder.  After about 2 hours at the station, here you see (top pix) Judy after her interrogation by the police.

We then went to the Jewish Ghetto, where a great deal of history can be seen.  The second picture shows the Old Jewish Cemetery which has graves dating from the 14th Century.

We then walked to the Charles Bridge (3rd pix) which crosses the Moldau River.  The bridge is alive with tourists and vendors.  I don't know which outnumbers which. 

In order to keep this journal as informative as possible, and without any desire to offend any of the readers, I must say that I was shocked and stunned at the dress code of many of the women in this city (bottom pix). Only in the true cause of journalism, I spent many hours pointing the camera in order to get for you this picture as an example.  I can only hope that the remainder of the trip will be less offensive to my moral structure.

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