Saturday 6/27- Prague

Saturday was somewhat less than perfect.  Most of the day was great.  We went to the Dvorak Museum, where Sharon (top) and Bill (2nd pix) kinda entertained in the Dvorak recital room.  We went to the home where Mozart lived when he spent time in Prague.  We attended a concert of Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Corelli at St. George's Basilica.  On the way, we had a beautiful view of the city of Prague (bottom pix).  With all of that, what could be wrong?

We used the underground (subway) most of the time in our travels around Prague.  On one of the escalators, I got sandwiched.  One guy pushed his way in front of me, while another moved in behind me.  I felt a hand and then we were off the escalator and they were gone.  Obviously pickpockets.  They got nothing, thanks to Travel Smith clothes with zippered pockets inside other pockets, etc.  No sweat.

Bill Schramm, at the same time, got jostled on the subway escalator.  His camcorder bag was opened, but nothing was taken.  Again, disturbing but no sweat.

Then sweat.  We got on a subway, with a crowd of people.  It was uncomfortably close and we hung onto our stuff.  (Judy and Sharon carried NO handbags.)  We got off the subway and Bill discovered his camcorder had been taken out of its bag.  This was really upsetting to all of us.  I guess it could happen anywhere.  (I know, it happened to me on the Paris subway about 10 years ago, but that was just money they took.  Sharon had her wallet picked in Argentina about 3 years ago.)

We'll just have to be as careful as possible.  This, like the engine analyzer that we had to wait 4 days for a replacement in Scotland, must be looked at as just a hiccup in an otherwise wonderful trip.


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