Monday 6/22- Bornholm, Denmark to Berlin Tempelhof

Tuesday 6/23- Wednesday 6/24


After a 1 hour 21 minutes flight (IFR) we landed at Tempelhof.  The weather was 2,600 broken so were directed to the ILS approach.  I guess they used to call it the good old "apartment house" approach.  The runway is about 6,000 feet long (2 parallel 9/27 L&R) so they don't get big stuff in there.  As it happened, exactly 50 years ago today 6/22/48, the European Command directed the Berlin Airlift to begin.   The planes began flying in 4 days later.

The approach is not much different than the one to Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland.  There we made an ILS approach up the fjord and when we broke out we had mountains on either side.  Here you just have apartment houses on either side (top).  With the navigation equipment available today, the approach would be pretty easy, even if the weather were much lower.  Fifty years ago it must have been quite a feat.  It was quite a thrill to park at this historic airport (2nd pix).

Tuesday- We went around Berlin to see the sights.  A lot of history here, a good deal of it not very good (3rd pix).  We toured the "New Synagogue", saw the remnants of the wall (bottom pix), etc., etc.  Tomorrow we will probably just go to the Brandenburg Gate area and wander around.  Thanks for the email.   We enjoy getting it.  Just send to

Wednesday- Making calls this morning.  Travel with the airplane is no problem but we are having difficulty getting reservations at hotels.   We planned on leaving Berlin on Thursday and traveling to Prague.  We wanted to stay in Prague until Monday, then fly to Krakow, Poland.  Stay in Krakow until Wednesday and fly to Budapest.  Called the Maxmillion Hotel in Prague that was highly recommended by Myles Martel in a phone call yesterday.  They're fully booked.   After calling several hotels in Prague, Budapest (they were also full) and Krakow, and checking weather (walking not flying) we decided on this:

We will leave the Kempinski Hotel in Berlin on Friday and fly to Prague.  We'll stay in Prague at the Palace Praha until Tuesday and then leave for Krakow (Grand Hotel).  We'll stay in Krakow until Thursday and leave for Budapest (Hilton) where we will stay until Monday July 5th.  I guess we will be in Budapest for the big 4th of July celebration.




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