Saturday 6/20- Helsinki to Ronne Bornholm Denmark

Sunday 6/21- Bornholm

We left Helsinki without a hitch.  Even though the airport was closed, the other airport in Helsinki had our flight plan.  The guy with the fuel showed up as promised.   We called the customs guy and he wanted to come out and stamp our passports.   He did and we were OK to leave.

AND three hours and three minutes later, after a trip over most of the Baltic Sea----

"Roger N5930Y you are cleared to land."

"N5930Y park on the East Ramp anywhere you wish."

"Hi Captain.  No, we called Passport Control and Customs and they don't want to see you."

"Sure, you can rent a car right over there.  You have your choice of three rental car companies."

"No, there are no forms to fill out now.  You can do that before you leave."

"Sure, you can drive your rental car out to your plane to load it up."

With all of that we landed at Ronne in Bornholm, Denmark.   This is an island off the coast of Sweden that (it appears) has yet to be discovered by Americans.  It doesn't have all of the stuff as far as fashion shops and McDonalds that some are looking for, but this place is unbelievable.  Our welcome couldn't have been better.   We loaded up the car (top) and went to the Griffin Hotel.  A very attractive place right on the water.  The price is right.   When I called yesterday, I just booked us into a room, any room.  When we arrived, I asked for rooms facing the Baltic Sea.  That was 200 DKr ($30) extra.   Total cost of room facing the Baltic, with balcony, --- $130 per night.  

We actually found this place by accident.  I planned on flying from Helsinki to Berlin with a stop somewhere.  In looking at a chart, Bornholm looked like the perfect place.  It was an "Airport of Entry", had the right kind of fuel, was about 3 hours from Helsinki and 1 1/2 hours from Berlin, and had the right instrument type of approaches.  We decided to go here, because it sounded kinda neat.

After checking in and cleaning up we drove up the island to Le Post Restaurant where we had a great dinner.  We drove back, saw a magnificent sunset (2nd Pix) and are going to sleep. 

On Sunday morning I got some work done after breakfast (3rd Pix).  The telecommunications on this trip has been (except for Scotland) perfect.   It has been no trouble to dial into the office, check messages, make calls, and access the Internet. 

We then drove around the island, (I bought another coffee mug), saw the sights, and enjoyed one of the most beautiful spots I have ever been to.  The small towns were charming (4th Pix).  Unfortunately the way that some of the girls dress is shameful (bottom Pix -- copies available upon request--).

This trip has been unbelievable.  Sure, there is the paperwork stuff, but the flying is easy and air traffic control very cooperative.  Who could believe it?  Friday Estonia and then this place.

We plan on leaving tomorrow (Monday) for Berlin.  Although it was suggested that we fly in to the major airport outside of Berlin, I really wanted to land at Templehof.  It is right in the center of the city. Also, this June is the 50th Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, when all the traffic landed at Templehof.  I called Templehof this morning and asked if there was any difficulty arranging a landing.   The gentleman told me that although the landing fee is very high, "N AIRCRAFT ARE ALWAYS WELCOME."   He seemed to be impressed with the fact that a US aircraft wanted to land there on this anniversary. 

Sharon and I will be wearing our jump suits for the occasion.

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