Sunday 6/7/98- Philadelphia to Sept Iles, Canada

We left Philadelphia at 1:30 PM with our new hats.  Thank you Carl for your gift.   We flew from Philadelphia to Presque Isle, Maine in 3 1/2 hours.  This was to get our last "cheap" gas which runs about $2.30 per gallon.  When the fixed base operator saw the hats we were wearing he said that two guys came through in the morning wearing the same hats.  That obviously was Carl and Jeff.  They are flying a Cessna 340 that is pressurized and turbo charged.  That is almost like flying a 767.

Before taking off from Philadelphia we tried on our immersion suits.  These are required for the trip across the North Atlantic.  As you can see, Sharon and I have trouble in a "one size fits all" suit.   They are a little big.  We can't fly with them on since they are too bulky.   If we have to put them on in flight, that also will be difficult.  (I think we'll just keep the plane in the air.)

We landed at Sept Iles, which is about 1/2 way between Philadelphia and Iqaluit, Northwest Territories.  Iqaluit used to be called Frobisher.  This will be our jumping off point for our flight to Greenland. The fixed based operator refueled the plane ($2.55 per gallon) and drove us to the Hotel Mingan, in beautiful downtown Sept Iles.  Actually we had a very good dinner at the hotel.   The waitress spoke excellent English.  I asked her how she learned to speak English so well.  She told us she learned by watching "All My Children" on television.  She hadn't missed an episode in 20 years.

Just checked the weather tonight (Sunday) for our flight to Iqaluit.  It will take about 5 1/2 hours.  We will break it up by stopping at Kuujjuaq, Quebec which is about 1/2 way.  The Canadian Weather Briefer said the weather looks pretty good for our flight. However he told us we should stop at the Flight Service Station at the Sept Iles Airport.  They will have a complete "weather briefing folder" prepared for our trip to Iqaluit as well as weather maps and data for our trip across the North Atlantic.  Tomorrow (Monday) we're off to Iqaluit;  Tuesday to Greenland. 

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