We Got Help From - and would like to thank---


(L to R) Jay (the owner), Cindy (the real boss), & Dan (chief pilot).  (Sam, we need your picture.)

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Rick from Leading Edge Aviation at Doylestown Airport- (for service beyond the call of duty) rick.jpg (51979 bytes)

The AOPA for the information provided and some great helpful hints.

Carl Marbach, of Avweb for his advice on avionics (and telling me I "had" to buy an Argus 7000 about 2 years ago).

Jeppesen, for their guidance in chart selection.

Todd Stone and Pam at Eventide.  They updated my 7000 Moving Map, and helped with an International Database.  (Every company should provide such excellent service.

Ed Carlson for his help and guidance in New Hampshire.  We visited him twice and received a lot of additional advice over the phone. carlson.jpg (54147 bytes)
Lancaster Avionics-  Their expertise and attention to detail will make the trip a snap.  Thanks Sparks & Jim. lns sparks.jpg (53974 bytes) lns jim.jpg (53630 bytes)
NewYork Camera & Video for their help and guidance (and good prices) in our selection of a great digital camera.  This will not only give us the capability of uploading pictures to this site while on our trip, but also give us high resolution pictures to print when home.  Thanks (L to R) Al, Frank and Keith. nycamera.jpg (46647 bytes)

David Beechcroft-Kay (pictured below with Sharon),  in front of David's beautifully equipped Piper Turbo-Archer.  (You know he was a Cathy Pacific Pilot --- the Archer has two transponders.)  We flew with David from his home base in Cannes France to the Alps (Gap Airport - where this picture was taken) and to La Mole (San Tropez).   (Sharon flew from Saint Tropez to Cannes.)

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"Joe" of Classic Computer-

For making the telecommunications possible.

Joe is always their to straighten everything out.  He knows

more about computers than anyone.

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My old unrealiable NEC Notebook Computer died again (and again).  This happened on Wednesday June 3rd.  I bought a Compaq Notebook, and loaded it with the software as quickly as possible.  I had a question about 1:00 AM, and called Compaq.  A big thank you to Frank Denton of their Customer Support.   I was quickly told what to do, and was back on track.