Arthur Rosenberg has made quite a few flights that have been of interest to a few readers.  He has taken pictures and written about these flights.  We hope you find them interesting.

Arthur's flight to Alaska.  He left on June 9th, 2007 for Northern Canada and Alaska and returned July 6th

AIR LIFE LINE is our FIRST video on this site.  Please check it out and let us know if you have any problems with your web browser.  Arthur made this flight with the Philadelphia ABC-TV affiliate riding along.

US Airways Flight 1549 & Captain Sullenberger - Click on this on the right.  I think you will find it interesting.  Different controllers at 7 different positions were recorded.  We have all of them here, plus the ATIS (recorded Air Terminal Information Service) at LaGuardia.  Although we have the full recordings, we have eliminated many minutes of "dead" air as well as much of the communications with other aircraft.  We have all seen and heard the tremendous skill of Captain Sullenberger, however listening to these transcriptions will also show you the great skill and calm of our air traffic controllers.

Here are the recordings of the Seven Controllers as well as the ATIS:


La Guardia Clearance Delivery

La Guardia Ground Control

La Guardia Tower

New York Departure

New York CAB Coordinator

New York Class B Airspace

Teterboro Tower