Here is some Email I received from various European Countries responding to my inquiry for information:


I'm not quite sure, but I think US citizens do not require a Visa, but you better inquire at a Swiss Consulate to be sure. For the aircraft, there is no requirement except having all the aircraft documents on board (as it is in USA). The main difference (aside prices) will be that many flights will be international ones, i.e. customs must be cleared. No problem, just a little extra time is needed and some additional paperwork involved. 

If you have specific questions, let us know! Hope you have a pleasant stay in Switzerland. 

AOPA Switzerland 

Rolf Siegrist


Dear Mr Rosenberg,

there aren't any particular restrictions for your flight to Italy. Of course, there are some limitations for VFR flights in Italy, but you can easily find them in a Jeppesen or Bottlang manual.  Please find hereattached the introduction to the Italian part of the AOPA  Partner services booklet, that contains some details regarding General Aviation  in Italy. 

I hope you will enjoy your flight to Europe. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information and, if you want to come and land here in Milan Bresso airport, let us know and we'll coordinate everything for you. 

Best regards

Francesca Valdonio



Dear Arthur Rosenberg,

    it is a pleasure, to recomend the best route to Lisbon area. The June and July-seasons are very attractive because of lisbons World Exibition, called EXPO`98, lasting from may 22 to the end of september.  There are 2 accesses, because you should avoid Lisbon International Airport.  1st. via northwestern Spain (intersting is Santiago de Compostela with customs at Porto) or 2nd: via notheastern Spain (interesting are Barcelona and Granada, with customs at Faro), both accesses leading to the AOPA airfield of Montargil, situated in the middle of Portugal, nearest to Lisbon.       Newest informations through Jeppesen Portugal. No fees at all, free transportation to lakeside Hotel, Bus- and rent-a-car-services to Lisbon exibition. All kinds of sports and interesting sightseeings everywhere.    Recommend early booking and arrival-preview by e-mail, fax 00351- 42-94 255, or T.94 438 and 94 175. out of buisines-hours: fax 94 125, T. 94 166.  Before approaching Montargil airfield, fly low lakeside of Hotel Barragem with frequency 123,45 swiched on..


Dear Arthur,

I am very sorry for a late answer but I was 2 weeks away.  Congratulation for a very abicius trip.  You will find no problems flying in Poland. The regulations are the same as in other European countries.  We (AOPA Poland) will be very happy to help you. Let me know details of your trip, I hope that we will meet in Poland.  If you need any other information I will be very happy to serve you. 

Regards Lech


Hi,  There are no special regulatory issues for flying in Luxembourg. I assume you will fly N-registered aircraft and do not plan to leave your aircraft in Luxembourg for a longer period. As you will be crossing national borders in Europe, the only thing you will have to do is file a flight plan to enter Luxembourg if this is your destination. I hope this helps!




Dear Mr. Rosenberg,

there are 2 airfields in the near of Berlin where you can land (Schoenhagen and Strausberg). It is also possible to land in Berlin-Schoenefeld (Int.Airport) or Berlin-Tempelhof (Int. Airport), but Tempelhof has high landing charges.  Flying in Germany is not a problem, but it is recommended, that you are using the latest issue of the German ICAO-Chart and the actual AIP. We have the airspaces C;D;E;F and G. Above FL 100 (airspace C) you have to fly IFR. AVGAS 100LL is much more expensive than in the USA (2,40 DM / liter).

I hope this information is usefull for you and remain with best regards 

Gregor Bremer

AOPA-Germany, Membership Services 

Neu !!!!!