Young Eagles is a program started by the Experimental Aircraft Association to introduce young people to Aviation.  A very charitable man named Wayne Laughner started a program that takes place the first Saturday of every May at Harrisburg Capital City Airport.  With volunteer pilots, many helpers (loading and unloading planes, serving hot dogs, etc.) fire departments, police departments, motorcycle groups, and this year even an Air Force C130 aircraft, in attendance, these Special Needs Young Eagles are treated to a day of flying and fun.  This year's event took place on May 5th.  Here are some pictures. 
I must point out that I had the pleasure of speaking with a young lady a few months ago and told her about this event.  She not only attended, volunteered, but drove there since she prefers not to fly.  I have only the greatest respect for those that go out of their way to help others.  Ask Lauren Molish if the 5 hour round trip drive was worth it.  She is in the top picture (she is second from the left), along with her two Deputy Sheriff helpers.