Today's complex and changing world challenges the personal and financial security of individuals and families. THE ARANDA GROUP has risen to meet these and other challenges providing our clients with the knowledge, security and time to enjoy the world around them.

Patterned after the "family office" of America's most successful families, THE ARANDA GROUP has met the needs of its clients by providing unparalleled service since 1980. We have developed and continue to refine a group of systems that enable our clients to live more enjoyable, more organized, more secure and more knowledgeable lives. Our clients enjoy the benefits of their own "family office" for significantly less than the cost of one full time professional employee.

THE ARANDA GROUP'S trained professionals help our clients determine their current and future financial position. We work with them and their professionals to plan a sound financial future. A future that consists of the balance between earned income, investment performance, personal and business expenses and a need for security. Our goal is the success of your financial life. We have a unique and practical way of helping you get there. We feel that the two main approaches that are used today fall far short of peoples needs.

How and When We Started

In 1980, our founder Arthur Rosenberg was chosen by two professional baseball players, Bob Boone and Mike Schmidt of the Philadelphia Phillies, to be their agent. At that time the company was founded. The goal was to negotiate a good contract for the client, build an enjoyable life-style, and save and invest money wisely to hopefully assure a continuation of that life-style well into retirement. At that time, and even today, many professional atheletes lead a grand and often times exorbitant life-style, but then to have to change it dramatically when the paychecks stop.

Many professional atheletes followed. After establishing the personal financial management framework for the athelete, it became obvious that people from many areas of employment and diverse life-styles would benefit from the same expert service. Throughout this entire process, the attitude of "we are your staff" prevailed. We were not selling anything and did not participate financially in any way in the purchases of products or services by our clients.

Our Staff Is Your Staff

We are organized differently than most firms. Usually there is a hierarchy. You speak to "your representative" if available. That person will obtain the information you need or pass on your request to the proper person. At Aranda, all of us are your staff. You speak directly to the person who is most familiar with the area you wish to discuss. Whether it be credit cards, medical reimbursement, or the coordination of all aspects of your financial life, from your will to your asset allocation.

Our range of service is unique. Each new client often brings us a requirement for a new service. What is our limit? We have none. At least we haven't found it yet! We have two goals. We want to do everything we can to assure your maximum fiscal well-being. We want to free up your time. You do what you enjoy doing and what you want to do. We do all of the details.

Why a Fixed Fee

Aranda's focus is on client service, not bookeeping our time. We believe that by charging for our time, there would be a tendency for a client to only come to us when they feel that it is important, or they would like us to straighten something out. By not charging for our time, our clients are encouraged to come to us for "every little thing" as well as big things.

We feel that by being involved and informed of even the little things we are more able to keep things on an even keel, and keep little problems from becoming big problems. It is much more time consuming to "unscramble the eggs" than it would have been if we had kept them from getting "scrambled" in the first place.

We are problem solvers and focus on issues and opportunities affecting your financial life, not on a time clock.

We are able to work on a fixed fee because our firm maintains a technological advantage, utilizing sophisticated computer capabilitiesto keep track of the myriad of things that are occurring. We are "techies" and proud of it!

OK- Where do I sign!

You don't! We have no contract. We bill for our services monthly. We feel that a contract is not really for the client, it's for the service company to try and keep the client. The best way to keep a client is to be so good that they don't want to leave you!