UPDATE- Tuesday July 3rd
Starting home.  We took off from Cordova Alaska (first and second pix) this morning and flew to Whitehorse YT for fuel and Canadian Customs.  Unlike our first stop in Canada, this time Customs was efficient and friendly.  This flight took about 3 1/2 hours.  Our last sight of the Chugach and Wrangle Mountains was spectacular (third and fourth pix).
We then took off for the 3 1/2 hour flight to High Level Alberta.  Why?  Because it was there, and on the great circle route home.  The weather was pretty good, however as we got about 20 miles from High Level, it was apparent that it was raining pretty hard there as there was a thunderstorm over the airport and the town that had not been moving.  Although there was no one in attendance at the airport, the hotel at which we made reservations, said they would pick us up.  We phoned from the plane about an hour before landing, as they suggested, but then I decided not to land there (and get soaked).  We changed our destination to Edmonton (fifth pix).  This took about 2 1/4 hours more which made it a pretty long day flying, but it wasn't as tiring as I might have thought.  First of all, the first 3 1/2 hours or so had some great views, when we weren't in the clouds.  Flying in that part of Canada (and Alaska for that matter) you are sometimes told to call such and such frequency in an hour.  There is not much radar contact, and although you will give position reports every 30 minutes to an hour, there just isn't that much to do (I almost finished my book).
Also the Satellite Phone was a tremendous help.  For example, talking with the hotel in High Level to arrange a pick up, and then calling again to cancel.  Then calling Edmonton to make sure the Fixed Based Operator knew we were coming, getting a hotel recommendation, and then making the reservation which were all done by Sharon and made the logistics much easier to handle.  (I could also call Jay to ask him my usual questions.) 
Here we are in Edmonton at a nice hotel with no luggage carts available and a non operating Internet connection.  All and all, not a 10.
Again, obviously since you are reading this, we eventually got it up on the Web Site.  Tomorrow we plan to fly to Sault Ste Marie Ontario with a fuel stop somewhere, and then Thursday or Friday to Buffalo for U.S. Customs and then home.  I'll put my thoughts about Alaska in writing when I get home, but until then.......

Teeny Weeny Sharon walking to plane
in Cordova

Leaving Cordova

Enroute to Whitehorse


WHOOPS!!  This doesn't look like
High Level, Alberta