UPDATE- Monday July 1st
(A Day in Cordova)
Cordova is a fishing village.  Not very many tourists.  They come by Alaska Airlines or ferry from Whittaker or Valdez.  There really isn't very much going on here but as you can see from the first picture, they are serious about their fishing.  The sign in the second picture was on the wall of the restaurant where we had breakfast. 
One major attraction for anyone who comes here is the 50 mile drive (gravel road) out toward the Million Dollar Bridge (built about 100 years ago).  The view on the way is really spectacular (third pix).  This road originally was built for a railroad, which ran from the Kennecott Mine in McCarthy, where we were two weeks ago, to Cordova and Prince William Sound.  The road is now all gravel and the bridge (fourth pix) has been converted from railroad to automobile road.  The road goes no further than about 1/4 mile past the bridge.  We parked on this side of the bridge to see "Childs Glacier."  As we walked down to see the glacier we thought that maybe we would see our first animal (fifth pix).  No luck (or maybe since we were walking, we were lucky).
We, as well as some other folks, were watching and listening (sixth pix) for the glacier to do its thing.  You often will hear the glacier move but it will be internal.  We did see the glacier calve (pix seven through ten).  The noise sounds like a great clap of thunder.

We plan on leaving Cordova tomorrow (Tuesday) stop in Whitehorse YT for Canadian Customs and then go on the High Level AB for the night.  Wednesday to The Pas MB for fuel and then on to Dryden ON for Wednesday night.  Thursday maybe to Buffalo and then home.  This schedule is VERY tentative.  We will be getting home a couple of days sooner than originally planned but this could easily change.  It might be weather, just tired, or maybe one of these cities is so exciting that we decide to stay.  We'll let you know.  I've been asked how we picked those cities.  Actually it was by drawing the great circle route and seeing what we might be flying over.  Not much more than that.  We'll follow up soon, and although I don't know when this page will be posted, obviously since you are reading it, we were eventually able to do so.
Thanks again for following us.

View from the room-  This IS a fishing town

AND they're SERIOUS about it!!

View along the Copper River Road

Million Dollar Bridge

We STILL haven't seen an animal

"Childs Glacier" - Watching & Waiting

Glacier Calving