UPDATE- Sunday, July 1st
(Nome to Anchorage to Cordova)
We took one more chance last night to see an animal in Alaska.  No luck in Barrow, Talkeetna, Homer, or even Anchorage where they said a moose was walking down the street last week.  We drove up to the top of Anvil Mountain, a few miles outside of Nome.  This is the sight of a former Early Warning System Installation (first pix).  We were told that there were Musk Oxen that were always up there in the evening.  Although we didn't actually see the animals, we knew they were there (second pix).
We took off from Nome (third pix) after receiving our very fine briefing from the FAA Flight Service Station personnel in Nome (fourth pix).  The Flight Service Stations in Alaska are still manned by FAA folks.  It is an excellent system here.  These people really know the local area. In the "lower 48" they system is manned by Lockheed Martin from very few stations.  You are speaking with someone who, although helpful, may be located a thousand miles away and really doesn't know the local area at all (but that for another time and place).
We flew to Anchorage to refuel which took about 3 1/2 hours (pix five and six).  Our destination was Cordova which we discussed yesterday.  Cordova however does not sell fuel and on Tuesday we plan on flying to Whitehorse YT in Canada.  The flight to Cordova took 1 1/2 hours (pix seven and eight), which leaves us 6 hours of fuel for the 3 hour flight on Tuesday.  Cordova is on Prince William Sound.  A really beautiful sight.  Our hotel, The Reluctant Fisherman (pix nine) is right between the mountains and the Sound.  Tomorrow we will be in Cordova.

Nome Anvil Mountain- Old Early Warning System



Nome Flight Service Station
(L to R) Margaret, Ned & Connie

Landing at Anchorage

"Arthur, PLEASE stop taking pictures and LAND"

Landing at Cordova

Runway at Cordova

Our Hotel, "The Reluctant Fisherman"