UPDATE- Sunday June 30th
(A Day in Nome and a change in plans)
First our day.  We had breakfast (pix one & two), filled up with gas (pix three) and headed out on the "Council Road."  This is one of the three roads I wrote about yesterday.  This road goes about 74 miles with the first 30 miles along the Bering Sea.  Incredible views.  All along, there were huts, houses, shacks of all different types and condition (pix four).  I guess it's all in search of waterfront property.
About  25 miles out, along the Bering Sea (technically the Norton Sound of the Bering Sea) there is reputed to be the Safety Roadhouse.  The road actually goes between the Sea on the right and the Safety Sound on the left.  It looked a bit like the other buildings along the way but we stopped.  Sharon asked me to go in and check it out.  There was an "Open" sign in the window.  I went in and it really made the day.  Tom, the proprietor, told us a great deal about the area, and his life.  It was really a great half hour.  (Pix five thru nine.)  Two cups of coffee were $1.  (We gave him more.)
About another 6 miles out is the "Train to Nowhere" (pix ten).  This tracks were laid for the gold miners but construction stopped 20 miles short of it's destination.  So there they sit, since 1913.
After another ten miles, we turned for home (Nome).  Pix eleven shows one of the many gold dredges abandoned along the road.
NOW FOR OUR CHANGE OF PLANS.  Valdez, where we were headed has a very interesting instrument approach (pix twelve).  Most instrument approaches will take you down to anywhere from 200 to 800 feet or so, depending upon the type of approach.  This approach takes you down to 4,419 feet ABOVE  and four miles FROM the runway.  The locals usually just go up the valley visually, but I ain't a local and the weather is supposed to be cloudy.  Instead we plan on going to Cordova, with a stop at Anchorage for fuel.  (There is no fuel or service at Cordova.)  If it works out and we go to Cordova, we'll stay there until Tuesday morning and then continue on to Canada.  We'll let you know.

 We ate breakfast at "Fat Freddies"

Where we didn't eat - - - ever!

$3 a gallon looks pretty good

Waterfront Property

Safety Roadhouse

Two locals - Tom, the owner is on the right

The Train to Nowhere

Gold Dredge