UPDATE- Friday June 29th
(A Day in Nome)
Yes.  There are bars in Nome (pix one and two).  We only saw one person inebriated.  She was in the Polar Cafe, which is where we had breakfast.  She was screaming about her husband.  (Maybe she wasn't drunk.)
There are three roads leaving Nome, although they really don't go anywhere.  Each road is about 80 miles long with a few side roads, many not even on a map.  We took the Teller Road- see map (third pix).  We went about 40 of the 60 miles when we saw a small road (see turn at upper part of route) which went toward the Bering Sea.  (The green line is the route we drove marked by GPS on Delorme Street Atlas.)  It was a very interesting drive.  This is the Seward Peninsula which is all Permafrost and the "Sub Artic Countryside" is Tundra.  The road was gravel with occasional mud (pix four, five and six).  Every once in a while, and with nothing for miles in any direction, we saw a small building.  Could be houses but we just didn't know (pix seven, eight and nine).  These were all on the side, unmarked road.
Also on that road were markers (pix ten) that we later found out were "Trail Markers" so that you could find your way during the winter, when snow completely covers the road, and everything else.   At the end of that road, we saw a group of buildings (pix eleven).  They were right on the Bering Sea but we couldn't get to them because of the river, bay or small lake that separated the road from the buildings.
We drove back into town, stopped by the highly recommended "things for tourists to buy" store (pix twelve).  We didn't buy anything (yet).
We went to dinner at the new "Airport Pizza."  It was loud, however we were told by a "local" that it would be because there is so much construction going on in Nome.  We didn't really see any and most of the patrons seemed to be locals.  Notice the restaurant is built off the ground.  EVERY building here is built that way since the ground on top of the Permafrost is constantly shifting.  Notice the next five pictures of buildings built that way.  Some have "skirts" covering the opening and helping to protect the building from the winter wind.
Tomorrow we are taking one of the other three roads out of town and doing some more exploring of Nome.  Please join us.

Not the only Bar in Nome

See?  That wasn't the only one

Route of our "sub artic countryside" drive
(Nome at the bottom)

"Sub Artic Countryside"

Road thru the Countryside

The Countryside

Just there in the Countryside (1)

Countryside (2)

Countryside (3)

Trail Marker

Unknown place at end of a side road

Shopping Place for "Stuff"


Everything built ABOVE ground