UPDATE- Thursday June 28th
(The flight to Nome)
The flying (and walking around) weather varies greatly.  Although it was beautiful in Anchorage, it hadn't been very good in Nome lately.  We called the Flight Service Station for a briefing in Anchorage and then we called the one in Nome, since they were right on the ground there.  I was told that Alaska Airlines had a missed approach but landed the second time.  Frontier made a missed approach and was probably diverting to their alternate.  We took off.  The Aztec has a very good range and I had selected Kotzebue as our alternate.  We first flew over the Alaska Range (pix one and two) and finally our almost first view of the Bering Sea (third pix), which we fly over for about an hour prior to arriving at Nome.  Just the tops of clouds.  No Sea (see pix three).
As we approached Nome, the weather lifted and we had a beautiful view of the city and the Bering Sea (fourth pix), and the Nome Airport (fifth pix).  The airport was quite busy.  There are two commercial flights of Alaska Airlines daily as well as other scheduled flights of Frontier.  (Many of these flights carry freight and goods for the four thousand plus residents of Nome.)  There are also charter flights of course. 
We took a cab from the airport to the hotel, picked up our rental car (Jeep Wrangler) and headed back to the airport to get our "stuff."  We refueled (sixth pix), and THEN IT HAPPENED.
We met a guy at the airport who wanted only $1,000 cash (which I gladly paid) and tomorrow he will pick us up at our hotel (seventh pix) and give us a TOUR OF NOME.  He promised we would see the Coliseum, The Noman Forum, drive on the Bia Benito, and walk the Mexican Steps.  He also promised I could toss Sharon into the Trevi Fountain and make a wish!!  This is really exciting.  (I have a feeling that my friend Myles is thinking right now that "There is no place like Nome for the Holidays.")
We drove around a little (8th pix), had dinner and stopped at the local everything market (food, clothes, bicycles, etc. etc.) and again noticed that this time the food was even more expensive here than it was in Barrow.
The last picture shows what this city is probably most famous for.
A couple of additional things.  We DO have cellular phone service here as well as wired Internet in the hotel.  It is VERY slow.  I don't think we will be able to look at or return email, but I am going to try to upload the web pages.


Alaska Range

Our First Almost View of the Bering Sea


Nome Airport

Refueling in Nome

Aurora Inn

Front Street

The cost of Food