UPDATE- Thursday June 27th
(Last day in Anchorage- Running Gag & Flowers & Why?? )
First things first.  Early this afternoon, Sharon went to the Alaska Heritage Museum, whereas I can only visit one museum in any one city.  There was a pilot store just down the street from the hotel and I stopped in there.  Actually it was owned by Dr. Illig (first pix) who was also a doctor giving Flight Physicals.  Not only that but she is a pilot and led a group on a flight to Providenya Siberia.  Some may recall that I wanted to do that this year but it just got too complicated.
Sharon and I then went over to Lake Hood which is the seaplane base at Anchorage International Airport.  You have to share the road with the taxiways (second pix).  We went to visit the Alaska Airmen's Association (third pix) which is located right on the lake there.  Michele (fourth pix) was on duty there.  It was a pleasure to meet her since she is the person who I spoke with when I joined the Association a number of months ago.
RUNNING GAG?  OK.  Ever since we were with my son Andy and his wife, I told him that I had seen Ulu Knives (promounced OOLOO, meaning "wife's tool")(fifth pix) at stores in different cities in Alaska.  He told me you can buy one when you get to Anchorage.  I also said that I thought it was terrible that these knives were all printed "Made in China."  He just kept telling me to wait until I got to Anchorage.  I think almost every conversation I had with him began with some statement about Ulu Knives and the fact that I'll never find one made in Alaska.
Well, although he and Angie left yesterday, I FINALLY not only found the Ulu Factory, but EVERY knife there was made right here in Alaska (sixth and seventh pix).  Now I feel  better.
Howard Brown had flown in this afternoon and was staying at the hotel right next to the factory.  We met there and had the pleasure of having dinner together.  (He doesn't seem to have any difficulty with time change.)
We walked and drove around and had the opportunity to see the many flowers that are planted as soon as the last chance of frost has passed.  Many are planted in hanging baskets as you see in the picture of Howard (eighth pix).  Others are planted all over the city (ninth pix).  These flowers are raised from seed in greenhouses all winter.
And now the WHY?  When we went to Barrow, and enjoyed ourselves very much, many asked us why we were going there.  "There isn't anything there."  Well, tomorrow morning we are leaving for three nights in Nome and again we are asked "WHY?"  We'll let you know.
Now our plans, and how they have changed.  The great circle route (shortest distance) from Nome to Philadelphia. is not down over Juneau but the route passes a bit south of Barrow.  It would be a lot simpler if the world was flat.  Would those with influence please work on that.
Our possible route is now as follows.  We leave for Nome tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will leave there on Sunday.  We will fly that day to Valdez until Tuesday.  On Tuesday we will leave Alaska and stop in Whitehorse YT for Canadian Customs and then fly on to High Level AB for Tuesday night.  Yes that is the name of the city/town, "High Level."  Why there?  Because it is on the way and the flight time seems right.
On Wednesday, assuming we don't find High Level highly exciting and interesting we will fly on to Dryden ON for Wednesday night.  Again if that is not too exciting and we're not tired, we will fly from Thursday to Buffalo and US Customs and then home.  Arriving home on Thursday night.  Of course there are many variables including weather and how tired we are, and maybe how exciting Dryden is.
As for our Web Site uploads, we will try from Nome.  If we are unable to do so we will at least prepare them and upload when we can.  Thank you for your emails.  We have been able to answer them as well as email the notice of our daily uploads from Anchorage.  The WIFI speed has been excellent.  If we don't answer emails or email our notice of updates to our site, please check our site anyway.  We might at least be able to keep that updated.  As in Barrow, although Nome has cell phone service wea are told that it is ONLY with their cell phone provider.  They don't permit roaming.  As they say, "If you don't buy it here, you can't use it here."  Although there is no cell phone service for us, I do have the Satellite Phone if needed.  We are renting a four wheel drive vehicle for the time we are there.  Although there are no roads between Nome and Anchorage (or any other city) there are about 300 miles of roads to the little communities around Nome.  I think we will be advised to carry our shotgun, but we'll see.  So.... until.

Dr.  Petra Illig

Taxiway sharing with Road

Alaska Airmen's Association

Michele at Airmen's Association

Ulu Knives (promounced OOLOO)

Ulu Factory

Arthur leaving Ulu Factory

Howard Brown on 4th Avenue

Flowers all over Anchorage