UPDATE- Tuesday June 26th
(A Day in Anchorage)
We had a nice easy day in Anchorage today.  First I thought I would add some pictures that Andy took yesterday.  Three pictures of Otters and one picture of a non-otter.  He took these yesterday on our Glacier Boat Tour.
Today we went to the Anchorage Museum, after which Andy and Angie packed up.  They left tonight for Denver aboard Frontier Airlines. We all went to dinner after which Sharon and I took them to the airport.  That and our Museum trip leads me to give you some of my thoughts.
When we went into the Museum, I purchased for $30 our four tickets.  We had lunch (fifth pix) at the Museum, after which I went to the desk and told them that I was going to the Museum Movie about Alaska in WWII while the three of them were going to tour the museum.  I asked that since I only had a cash register receipt for my entry purchase, who do I give the receipt to?  We were going in different directions.  I was told to forget about the receipt, "here we work on the honor system."   Somehow I just can't see that happening at home. 
When we took Andy and Angie to the airport, the check in was not only quick and efficient, but everybody was extremely pleasant, from ticketing and luggage checking to security.  I haven't flown in an airline for a couple of years but I understand that it ain't a lot of fun.
The entire attitude here is just so completely different from what I have ever experienced.
On a flying note, the local pilots are very helpful and generous with their time in giving advice and guidance.  Also although it was suggested that we fly into Merrill Field at Anchorage since it is more general aviation friendly, I found that Anchorage International (Stevens) could not have been better.  Of course you have to go to the right FBO (Fixed Based Operator).  When I called various operators a couple of months ago, my first call to International was to Signature Flight Support.  I was told that landing at their "executive" operation would cost $300.  As they perceived my "sticker shock" they asked "what are you flying?"  When I told them an Aztec, they suggested that I go to the Signature operation known as Signature East.  They waved charges for a fuel purchase (which cost about $1 per gallon LESS than Northeast Philadelphia, where I am based).  They let us drive right to the plane a couple of times, were very helpful and as I described yesterday, really saved our opportunity to see the Glaciers.  I could not recommend any operation at any airport higher.
Tomorrow we are meeting my friend Howard Brown for dinner.  He is flying in from Philadelphia.  We will go to sleep early tomorrow since we plan on leaving Thursday morning for Nome.
FYI, for communication purposes, there is reported to be no cell phone service (for us) in Nome.  Both Nome and Barrow have cell phone service but they block out other carriers (like our Cingular/ATT).  They like to keep the business to themselves.  I was told however that we WILL have WIFI, which works "most of the time."  You will know if you see a Web page posted.  We will be there from Thursday afternoon until Sunday.  We are not sure where we are going from there as we are planning to start heading east toward Philadelphia.  The Internet access may not be good enough, if at all, to answer email.  I know you will understand.

Andy's pictures of Otters

Not another Otter picture from yesterday

Lunch at the Anchorage Museum