UPDATE- Monday June 25th
(Weather changed our plans)
But first I must post some pictures from last night.  In Homer we had to stop for a drink or two at the Salty Dawg Saloon (first three pix).  This famous bar with a great old history is near the end of the Homer Spit, which I described yesterday.
It was a cloudy day this morning.  I checked with a local pilot and with the Flight Service Specialist and came up with the best route to fly to Seward.  We had reservations for a Tour Boat of the Glaciers.  The route was over the lower valleys, lakes and rivers to wind our way to Seward.  We could not go on an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) Flight Plan into Seward as they had no published Instrument Approach, nor was there radar coverage.  As we scooted along the route, the clouds got lower (pictures four five and six).  We finally got up the river far enough so that it was obvious to me that we could not get into Seward.  We were only eight miles away when I turned back and eventually climbed up to 7,500 feet.  I then flew toward the Seward Airport, on top of the clouds, and never saw a hole large enough thorough which I thought it was safe to descend.
I called Anchorage Approach Control and requested an IFR flight plan to Anchorage.  I was disappointed.  I thought we were going to see Glaciers.
Upon arriving at Anchorage and picking up our rental car, the people at Signature Flight Support (where I parked the plane) made an excellent suggestion, and they made the reservations to make it happen.
We now had reservations for a Tour Boat to see the Glaciers from Whittier.  It is about a one and one-quarter hour drive to Whittier, however you have to watch your time.  There is a one lane tunnel into and out of Whittier that is shared by cars and trains.  First 15 minutes of the hour is reserved for cars leaving Whittier.  Second 15 minutes is for trains leaving Whittier.  Third 15 minutes is for cars entering Whittier and the final 15 minutes is for trains entering Whittier.  It is very well organized.  Pictures seven and eight show us entering Whittier.  Picture nine is our Tour Boat (where they served EXCELLENT crab cakes!!  Picture ten shows the perspective of another tour boat in front of a Glacier and picture eleven is that Glacier.  When a Glacier Calves, it makes quite a loud noise, however once you hear it, it has already happened.  Picture twelve is this Glacier Calving.  You can see some of the ice coming down and a chunk of that ice in the water below.
It gets quite cold on the boat (pix thirteen).  On the way back, we saw a raft of otters (pix fourteen).
In a way, we were very fortunate today.  One moment we were going to miss this opportunity to see Glaciers and the next, we had the opportunity to do so.
People are just so helpful here.  A couple of months ago, when I called the tour people in Seward to make arrangements they said their cancellation policy was 15 days.  I told them we were flying there ourselves and would there be any consideration if we couldn't make it because of weather.  They said that there we be no problem.  They would give us a full refund.  When I called them from over Seward (sat phone), they immediately said they would put the full credit on my card.
Upon landing at Anchorage, the people at Signature East were very helpful.  I told them of our problem of not seeing glaciers.  They immediately started making calls and made our arrangements.   The fuel at Signature at Anchorage International is quite reasonable and the service is first rate.
Tomorrow we will spend the day with Andy and Angie.  There are a couple of places we would like to visit, some of which were recommended by Mark R.  Andy and Angie then leave for home on an 11:00 PM flight to Denver.  Howard Brown, a friend from Philadelphia is coming to Anchorage on Wednesday and we plan on meeting him for dinner.  On Thursday we will leave for Nome.
More later, and thanks for following us.


The Salty Dawg Saloon

Saddling Up to the Bar at the Dawg

Just another bunch of Locals at The Dawg

Enroute to Seward- 1

Enroute to Seward- 2

Enroute to Seward- 3

Lined up for the Tunnel to Whittier

Whittier Tunnel Entrance

The Tour "Yacht"

"Perspective."  A tour boat in front of the Glacier

The Glacier

The Glacier - Calving

Three Tourists

Five "Locals" - (Otters)