UPDATE- Saturday June 23rd
(Talkeetna to Anchorage to Homer)
We all left Talkeetna this morning.  Andy and Angie drove the car they rented in Anchorage back to Anchorage.  They returned the car while Sharon and I flew back from Talkeetna (first pix) to Anchorage in about 45 minutes.  We met there (we got there first) where Andy and Angie left some of their bags. 
We read a lot about flying in and out of Anchorage and how complicated it can be.  I was prepared and I also have some experience in and out of large airports.  It was really quite easy.  We then all flew to Homer where we are spending two nights.  The weather was just OK but good enough to fly visually.  We took off, flew southwest over Cook Inlet at about 1,000 feet and then south along the coast of the Kenai Peninsula at about 500 feet (second and third pix).  Along the southern portion of the Peninsula we saw the smoke from the large fire burning on Kenai (fourth pix).  It has really been devastating.
We are not really staying in Homer, but on the Homer Spit.  A Spit is the narrow peninsula and the Homer Spit is about 8 miles long, into the Kachemak Bay.  The Land's End Resort is near the end of the Spit (fifth pix).  The rooms at the Land's End have fantastic views (sixth pix) and come complete with a small balcony (seating two).  At the very end of the spit is the well known Salty Dawg Saloon.  We haven't graced them with our presence yet, but certainly will. 
We ate dinner at the Chart Room which is the restaurant at the Land's End.  The salmon and halibut were excellent.  After dinner we sat outside on the rocky beach where Andy spotted two Bald Eagles.  We spent about an hour out there trying to get good photos of them (seventh and eighth pix).
We don't have plans yet for tomorrow, but Sharon and Angie are going over the choices. 
On Monday morning we plan on flying to Seward (about 40 minutes) where we will do the boat thing to see the glaciers.  The original plan was actually to stay in Seward which is one of the places from which these boats embark.  Months ago, we were told that all of the rooms in Seward were taken.  "The Ice Breaker will be in and they already booked all of the rooms."  That is when we decided on Homer.  So, Monday morning to Seward, then the boat to see the glaciers and then maybe some whales (with hopefully better luck than with the Polar Bears in Barrow).  We expect to get to Seward at 10 AM and leave about 7 PM for Anchorage.  We will stay Monday night in Anchorage, and Andy and Angie will leave Tuesday evening for their home in Denver.
More later.  Thanks again for writing.  We have really good high speed internet access from Homer so I know we will be able to upload again tomorrow (Sunday) night.

Talkeetna Airport

Coast of Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Peninsula

Smoke from fire on Kenai Peninsula

Homer Spit

View from our room at Land's End Resort

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle making Short-Field Landing