UPDATE- Thursday June 21th
(Talkeetna, and The Longest Day of Sunlight)
Andy and Angie got here last night.  The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is a modern, very attractive hotel (first and second pix). 
This afternoon we took a ride in a ski plane (third and fourth pix) and on the way to the glacier, we had a great view of Mt. McKinley (fifth pix).  The blue water in the lakes on the glacier look that way because of the light shining on the ice under the water (sixth pix).
We landed on a glacier and stayed there about 20 minutes (seventh thru tenth pix).  The visibility was quite low during the flight back to Talkeetna due to a fire that was about 60 miles south, with the wind blowing the smoke this way.
Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the snowball fight between Angie and me (her aim was just a little better than mine).  We agreed that this was the GREATEST snowball snow that was ever invented.
Tonight, we went into the town of Talkeetna for dinner and the BIG longest day of the year celebration.  After dinner, we walked around town.  If you remember the television series Northern Exposure, you might recognize this town (eleventh and twelfth pix).

Talkeetna Alaska Lodge

Ski Plane Ride

Mt. McKinley

Lakes of Blue Water on Glacier

On The Glacier

Andy & Angie in front of Mt. McKinley (almost)

Is it Cicely?

No, it's Talkeetna!!