UPDATE- Monday June 18th
(Barrow to Fairbanks)
We left Barrow this morning (first pix)  where it was a beautiful spring day, 33 degrees and 15 MPH wind.  I never had the opportunity to be quite this far north (second pix).  I remember Sharon and I got into the 60's in Greenland but we never got this far north. 
This was goodbye to the Arctic Ice (third pix).  It is basically pretty flat between Barrow and the northernmost part of the Brooks Range.  This is a mountain range that runs east-west and is about 150 miles from the northern most point to the southern point.  A little to the east of the direct line from Barrow to Fairbanks is the Anaktuvuk Pass (fourth pix).  If the weather is good enough, which it was today, you can fly fairly low over the John River which starts at the pass (fifth pix) and continues for about 150 miles to its southern terminus (sixth pix) at the town of Bettles (seventh pix).
It was really a spectacular ride.  We slowed up a bit and the trip took 3 1/2 hours.  We could have made it in about 2:45 if we went direct but the detour, and the slower flying, was well worth it.  South of Bettles we crossed the Arctic Circle.  The airlines give you a little certificate.  All we have is this picture (eighth pix).
By the way, the Arctic Circle is the invisible circle of latitude on the earth's surface at 6633' north (approx), marking the southern limit of the area where the sun does not rise on the winter solstice or set on the summer solstice - a geographic ring crowning the globe.  (Jay Stout told me that you get to that number by taking 90 degrees and subtracting the tilt of the earth of approximately 23 degrees.  I don't know how he knows this stuff!)
We arrived in Fairbanks at about one o'clock and again ch
ecked into the Sophie Station Hotel.  We had a so so dinner and we expect to get up a little early tomorrow to fly down to McCarthy Airport to pick up Andy and Angie.  They have been  hiking / climbing / camping / tenting since last Wednesday.  We will fly them back with us to Fairbanks were we will spend Tuesday night.  McCarthy is a VFR (visual) runway only.  It is generally a one way strip, landing to the North and taking off to the South (this is done since there is a mountain at the northern end).  We'll be a little lighter since we will be carrying 144 gallons of fuel instead of the usual 192 gallons. 
It will be good to see Andy and Angie again.  They will be traveling with us for the next week to Talkeetna (Northern Exposure), Homer (birthplace of Tom Bodett (we'll leave the light on fur ya), and Seward (boat trip to see the Glaciers).  We will fly next Monday evening to Anchorage.  Andy and Angie will fly back to their home in Denver on Tuesday.  We are staying in Anchorage and expect to meet Howard Brown, a friend from the Philadelphia area.  We plan on having dinner together before Howard goes "train'n" and we go "fly'n."
Again, thanks for joining us.

Leaving Barrow

71 degrees North Latitude

Arctic Ice

Anaktuvuk Pass

John River (northern part of pass)

John River (southern part of pass)

Bettles- Airport and Town

Arctic Circle