UPDATE- Sunday June 17th
(Another day in Barrow))
There are things in Barrow that are totally different, or maybe not different but unexpected.  One has  been the prices.   The store on the right, the AC Value Center (first pix)  may say "Value" but that word is relative.  This store sells EVERYTHING from food, to clothing, to cycles, to ATV's, to clothes washers.  Prices are pretty hefty compared to what we are used to.  For example the price of corn (second pix) is not quite a down home Nonesuch Farm corn price.  Milk at the AC is $8 for a half gallon and Tropicana Orange Juice is $10 per half gallon (at least "not from Concentrate").
It is interesting to note that all of the buildings here are heated by Natural Gas which is quite inexpensive.  However water is very expensive.
EVERY restaurant at which we ate, was run by Koreans, and the name of the restaurant was not necessarily indicative of the food style.  We had breakfast yesterday and today at Osaka Restaurant (third and fourth pix).   Yes they not ony had oriental food but all other types as well, including one of the best breakfasts I've ever had.  Again, the prices (fifth pix).
Tonight's dinner was at Arctic Pizza, which had Italian Food but also American Style fish and meat.
(FOR PILOTS)  We stopped into the Flight Service Station in Barrow which is still run by the FAA.  The rest of the US Flight Service facilities are run by Lockheed Martin, where if you are lucky you will eventually get a human, and when you do he or she is most certainly not from, or familiar with, your area.  There they can read just about the same things we can read on the internet but they usually have no feeling for the area in which you will travel.  When we stopped into the FSS here I got a very good briefing, discussing the two passes through the Brooks Range as well as good insight into the route we are going to fly tomorrow.  "The more things change, the more things change." 
This is a wonderful city which I certainly enjoyed.  But any city, town or village is made up of its people, and here the people are warm, truly friendly and always ready to help.  All I can say is:



AC Value Center

The Price of Corn

Osaka Restaurant

Osaka, Inside

Osaka Menu