UPDATE- Thursday June 14th
(Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to Fairbanks, Alaska)
The flight took three hours, and although the weather was yukky, it was almost uneventful.  We had a little problem with a circuit breaker, but a call on the way to Jay Stout, our friend and airplane expert gave us some answers which we took care of when we landed.  (Another great use for the Iridium Satellite Phone- - - it saved us time on the ground.)
Upon approaching Fairbanks Airport, it was obvious there was something different (first pix).  Although the chart showed three parallel runways, as we got closer (second pix) I really saw something I hadn't seen before.  The middle runway was just not for my plane (unless I wanted to get really wet). 
We had heard so much about Alaskans and how helpful and friendly there were, but to experience it first hand was much more meaningful.  We taxied to U.S. Customs, and the entry process only took a few minutes.  Then I radioed the Ground Controller and asked him if there was a maintenance facility available.  He asked us to stand by while he made some calls.  He recommended one and we taxied over to the facility.  The mechanic, Fred, couldn't have been more helpful.  Sharon was picked up promptly by the Sophie Station Hotel (which is really outstanding) while I waited with Fred who immediately began working on my plane.  A couple of phone calls with Jay and we were back in business (third pix).  The charge was very reasonable.  Fred also told us to "just leave the plane here and pick it up in the morning."
Before I left Philadelphia, Jay had recommended that I speak with Alaska Pilots for advice on flying in the state.  Five of them stopped by the maintenance facility and they couldn't have been more helpful.  One went and got me a coffe cup with his company's name on it.  Of course they often disagreed on what towns and villages we should go to, but they all gave me VERY good advice on flying in the area.
Tomorrow morning, with the cooperation of Willard Scott (the weather man) and with all the guidance I received from the local pilots, we plan on flying to Barrow, the most northern city in The Americas.  We plan on staying there for three nights, which I understand automatically makes us residents.  (I don't think a tourist has ever stayed there that long.)
On another note, I spoke with Carol in the office this morning who told me that she was a friend of Michael Klensch's mother (see yesterday).
I believe there is an Internet hookup in Barrow so you should hear from us from there.  (By the way, today's high temp in Barrow was 32 degrees, although it snowed a bit this morning.)

Fairbanks Airport- 3 Parallel Runways

Yes, but don't land on the middle one!

Just about ready to go