UPDATE- Wednesday June 13th
(Whitehorse, with a side trip driving to Skagway, Alaska)
It was a day off from flying.  We had rented a car for the two days in Whitehorse so we took the day off of flying and drove to Skagway, Alaska.  On the way, we passed the Whitehorse Airport and saw the "Wind Tee."  All airports have either or both a wind tee and/or wind sock.  Here the wind tee (it actually works) is a DC3 (first pix).  It is so well balanced that the wind easily turns it to indicate the wind direction for pilots.
We drove about 15 miles on the Alaska Highway and then turned south and drove for about two hours on the Klondike Highway to Skagway.  Really spectacular views along the way (second pix).
Arriving in Skagway we saw that THE CRUISE SHIP WAS IN!!  The town's main street was mobbed with tourists and the shops were jump'n (third pix).
Sharon (fourth pix) and I skipped most of the shops except two- - the fudge shop of course and a book store. 
In the book store was Michael Klensch (fifth pix), a photographer who was signing his book which contained magnificent photos of the Aurora Borealis.  I was surprised and told him that I received that book as a gift from one of our Aranda Group team, Carol Edmond.  He was surprised as well since he grew up in Northeast Philadelphia.  He wanted to know how Carol got the book.  He thought that Carol might know his mother in Philadelphia.  I wasn't sure but I told him I would check.
Tomorrow morning we are going to leave early for Fairbanks, Alaska.  I spoke today with a gentleman from U.S. Customs at that airport and since this is not considered an "International Airport" for Customs purposes, but a "Landing Rights" airport, we have to make prior arrangements and fit into their schedule.  He said they are clearing some larger flights so we are to arrive at 11 AM.  I haven't checked the winds yet but it is probably a 3 1/2 hour flight (we also gain an hour).  So.....we are getting up early.
Again, thanks for writing.  Sorry we can't answer all of the emails but we certainly do read and appreciate them.
Till tomorrow, when we will be carefully checking the weather for the Friday flight to Barrow.  Doesn't look too promising since they haven't had a day with a ceiling better then 600 feet for a week.

Airport Wind Tee (Wind Indicator)

Klondike Highway

Skagway, Alaska

Sharon (co-pilot)

Michael Klensch