UPDATE- Tuesday June 12th
(Fort Nelson, BC to Whitehorse, YT)

Marc R had sent me some good tips about the beautiful views in this part of the world.  You need fairly good weather with a ceiling of at least 5,000 feet MSL (above sea level).  We were really looking forward to flying low along the Alaskan (Alcan) Highway.  It never happened.  As you can see from the first pix, the ceiling just wasn't high enough to fly low along the highway.  Too much of a chance that things might "close in."  We ended up making the two hour and forty five minute flight at 12,000 feet, either in or above the clouds.  When we crossed the border from British Columbia to Yukon Territory FINALLY there was a hole in the clouds (2nd pix).
We landed (3rd pix) in Whitehorse which is the Capital of the Yukon Territory.  We had excellent service at the airport.    We rented a car , drove around town, (4th pix) and plan on staying until Thursday.  THEN our plans changed.  We were going to fly to Northway (just across the Alaska border - a very small town), clear U.S. Customs, and spend the night.  Then we were going to fly to Fairbanks, refuel and  fly to Barrow on the Arctic Ocean.  We were told by a nice guy at the FBO (fixed based operator) at the Whitehorse Airport that there was usually a large mosquito convention taking place in Northway.  We decided therefore to skip Northway (and the convention) and fly directly to Fairbanks and clear customs there.  We will spend the night in Fairbanks and then fly to Barrow, as planned, on Friday. 
Tomorrow??? not sure.  May drive to Skagway in Alaska and then back to Whitehorse, or maybe something else.  Stay tuned.  (Thanks again for your emails.)

Not Much Room

Finally A View

Sharon- "Stop Taking Pictures & Land!"